Auto-flowering Seeds Vs. Feminized Seeds Vs. Regular Seeds Vs. CBD Seeds

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Auto-flowering seeds vs. feminized seeds vs. regular seeds vs. CBD seeds, which one should you choose?

Yes, the selection of cannabis seeds has been a significant challenge for growers. Not only that, it directly affects your cannabis production. If you’re a commercial grower, you need to be extremely careful with selecting cannabis seeds.

But the question arises: which strain seeds you should choose for your cultivation? Whether you are planning indoor cultivation with led grow lights or outdoor cultivation with a perfect place, this is a question you shall answer first.

For that, you need to learn the difference between seeds types.

In this article, we will show you the difference between auto-flowering seeds vs. feminized seeds and other strain seeds.

This article is not only limited to creating discrepancies between different seeds strains, but you’ll also be able to get to know better options for indoor/outdoor cultivation.

Let’s get to know some basic knowledge of cannabis seeds and their types.

Basic Knowledge of Cannabis Seeds

First, let’s start with the categories of cannabis seeds.

Usually, cannabis seeds come into four types, i.e., auto-flowering, regular, feminized, and cannabidiol seeds or CBD seeds. Each type has its own unique features with some benefits and drawbacks.

Most cannabis plants are dioecious. It means their masculine and feminine reproductive organs can be found in different plants.

In order to grow females, you must grow them away from male plants. Otherwise, the males pollinate the female and make it difficult to produce high potency cannabis.

Pollination is the only way to produce seeds. Without pollination, it would be impossible for the plant to produce seeds. Seeds can only be developed when plant pollen is moved in between followers of the very same type of varieties.

Seedless flowers are sprout without males. These types of flowers are called sinsemilla.

Back to the types of cannabis seeds; So, what types of seeds are you looking for? Or what kind of production do you want for your business?

Here are some points you must understand before choosing cannabis seeds for your production.

If you’re looking for some breeding house of cannabis or want genetically more vigorous clones, regular seeds are good to go.

If you’re a commercial grower or your aim is only a canopy full of colas, feminized seeds are the best option in this regard. These seeds end up with plants that are either hermaphrodites or females but never male.

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A good suggestion, don’t use feminized seeds if your purpose is to breed the plant.

Many growers rely on time and fast productivity. Auto-flowering seeds are good to go if your purpose is to harvest in such a short time as possible.

Well, that was some basic knowledge of cannabis seeds with some brief suggestions on all four types of seeds. Now, you are ready to handle the expertise on every cannabis seed type.

Auto-flowering Seeds Vs. Feminized Seeds Vs. Regular Seeds Vs. CBD: What are the differences?

Let’s dive deep right into each of these 4 kinds of marijuana seeds. We’ll also explore the advantage and disadvantages of each variety, whether they are suitable for your circumstances.

1. Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are popular among breeders as they produce more males than females.

male plants vs female plants
male plants vs female plants
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Most likely there are 50% of possibility of emerging them as female or male. Male plants are often used for pollination as they have pollen that helps them fertilize female flowers, which leads to the next generation of seeds.

Like other seeds, regular seeds come in different forms. You’ll find in different varieties of Indica dominant, Sativa dominant, and other high CBD variants.

So, how are regular genetics made?

Regular genetics are natural breeders. There’s no artificial cloning and tampering involved in its process. However, breeders also have created traditional hybrids by combining two different subspecies.

Regular seeds come in a variety of strains. If you’re planning to buy it, here are the top three regular strains you should look at first.

1. Exotic Witch: Exotic Witch is pretty famous for its high levels of THC.

2. Garlic Mist: Garlic Mist is popular among commercial growers who heavily rely on heavy yield.

3. Mango Crunch: And Mango Crunch is famous for its delicious terpene profile.

So, these were some top varieties of regular seeds. Now, it’s time to move on to see the pros and cons of regular seeds.

Pros of Regular Seeds

Well, here are some advantages of regular strains seeds:

● The regular strain has equal chances of producing male and female plants.

● This strain is one of the robust and cutting ideal for healthy clones.

● Breeders can create pollen banks with male plants.

● Regular seeds come in good varieties.

Cons of Regular Seeds

Below are some demerits of using regular seeds:

● They can be unpredictable regarding sex. You’re not sure about the exact numbers of males and females.

● Due to a large number of plants, growers can quickly misidentify males and females.

● Unexpected males in a production house or grow room can lead to the fertilization of flowers.

● It needs separate grow tents for male and female plants.

2. Feminized Seeds

The general purpose of using feminized seeds is to get the maximum germination of female plants.

To be specific, the possibility of female plants is nearly 99.9%. The chances of failure are minimum if you’re looking for flowers instead of pollen sacs.

feminized seeds
feminized seeds
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Feminized seeds can be a good choice for commercial growers as they only produce hermaphrodites or females instead of males.

Exactly how are Feminized Genes made?

Feminized genes are generally made by crossing one female with an additional. Hence, they only reproduce female plants.

Breeders often use two techniques to strengthen female plants to produce pollen. After that, they fertilize another female whose flowers are delivered from the generation of feminized seeds.

Like regular seeds, feminized seeds also come in different varieties. But here, we’re mentioning only its top three variants.

1. Royal Gorilla: Royal Gorilla is famous for its monstrous levels of THC, which can be medically beneficial.

2. Sweat ZZ: Sweat ZZ is renowned for its aroma and must thing for candy-loving cannabis growers.

3. Fruit Spirit: As the same suggests, fruit spirit results from a never-ending hunt for new flavors that sends you to the dancing stage. This strain is only of the sweetest family members of White Widow.

Pros of Feminized Seeds

● It gives you assurance to produce only female plants.

● Unlike regular seeds, it ends the gamble of a 50/50 genetic ratio.

● Good genetics for those who are looking clumsy buds.

● It follows an efficient growing process and is pretty much cost-effective.

Cons of feminized Seeds

● There’s no way it can be suitable for breeding purposes.

● Growers mostly need to start from the seeds to grow as it is not viable to the clones.

● Due to some environmental stress, this strain can turn into hermaphrodites.

3. Auto-flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds can produce flowers without any intervention in the light cycle.

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Auto-flowering strain gets its name from its ability. This strain is easy to grow and fast in production. This strain is ideal for indoor growing only.

How is Auto-flowering Genetics made?

So, the question is how breeders make auto-flowering seeds?

They create the seeds by using the genetics of cannabis Ruderalis. It’s the only specimen that contains auto-flowering traits.

Cannabis Ruderalis is modified to the much shorter and chiller climatic conditions of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia. That’s why the shorter time and colder weather force these subspecies to begin flowering of their own accord.

Like the other two strains, auto-flowering seeds also come with different strains, and the top three strains are as follows:

1. Green Gelato Automatic: Green Gelato provides incredible levels of THC.

2. Royal Cheese Automatic: Royal Cheese is famous for its productive canopy.

3. Sweet ZZ Automatic: You heard the word Sweet ZZ before, isn’t it? But that doesn’t mean it is relatable with feminized seeds. As we mentioned earlier, auto-flowering seeds vs. feminized seeds are utterly different from each other. The taste of this strain is quite similar to previous ones. That’s why they put the same name.

Pros and Cons of Auto-flowering Seeds


● The most significant advantage of Auto-flowering strains is that you don’t have to change their light cycle again and again.

● Growing time is fast as compared to other strains.

● Auto-flowering seeds are ideal for beginners and guerrilla growing.

● Rapid flowering time.


● Extremely difficult to clone.

● Produce lower yield.

● Less potent, lower levels of THC.

4. CBD Seeds

CBD gives high levels of cannabidiol, a particle that provides clear-headed and lucid effects. CBD provides a wide range of medical benefits for all sorts of users.

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Both medical and leisure users can use CBD strain for clear and calming effects. In some cases, CBD contains almost no THC, and afterwards there’re developments with remarkable CDB: THC ratios beyond 20:1.

Marijuana breeders produce these strains by crossing CBD-rich ranges with each other.

Pros and Cons of CBD


● Widely medically used.

● It gives calming effect without a high

● This strain is safe to use during the day without compromising physical functionality.


● Not ideal for those who are seeking high THC.

● It also contains some mild side effects, including nausea, fatigue, and irritability.

Well, that was all about the seeds and how the genetic came into existence. Now, it’s time to move to our next section, where you’ll be able to know which seeds are perfect for both indoor/outdoor cultivation.

Which is Better for Indoor/Outdoor Cultivation?

Until now, we’ve actually seen and distinguished all four types of cannabis seeds. But you are still wondering which seeds are perfect for indoor cultivation and vice versa.

Don’t worry. In this section, we’ll cover this up.

Every particular seed has varieties of cannabis strains. We’ve already witnessed some top strains of four cannabis seeds. Different seeds have different strains varieties, so their way of growing is also different.

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Let’s start with auto-flowering seeds:

1. Auto-flowering Seeds for Indoor/Outdoor Cultivation:

Well, auto-flowering seeds are one of the simplest and easiest ways to grow and offer an excellent yield. Either you are planning to grow them indoors or outdoors, it’ll work wonders.

Here are the top Auto-flower seeds for indoor/outdoor growing:

For Indoor Cultivation:

● Quick One

● Northern Light Automatic

● HulkBerry Automatic

For Outdoor Cultivation:

● Auto G13

● Bubba Kush

● Auto Lowryder

2. Feminized Seeds for Indoor/Outdoor Cultivation

As we already mentioned about the feminized seeds. The purpose of feminized seeds is to obtain the maximum cultivation of female plants.

Below are the top feminized seeds for indoor/outdoor growing:

For Indoor Cultivation:

● White Widow

● Orange Bud

● GlueBerry O.G

For Outdoor Cultivation:

● Northern Lights

● Jack Herer

● Girl Scout Cookies

All these strains are listed as the best-feminized seeds for indoor/outdoor cultivation.

3. Regular Seeds Indoor/Outdoor Cultivation

As we all know, regular seeds are favorites for breeders and very adaptive to every environment. This strain produces more males than females. Sometimes the ratio of having male and female can be equal.

Here is the list of top strains for indoor/outdoor cultivation:

For Indoor Cultivation:

● AK 47

● Bubblegum

● Haze #1

For Outdoor Cultivation:

● Skunk XL

● Garlic Mist

● Mango Crunch

4. CBD seeds for Indoor/Outdoor Cultivation

CBD is renowned for its high cannabidiol effect. Because of the high THC and cannabidiol levels, it is a widely used strain among people and the medical industry.

Below is the list of CBD seeds that are best for indoor/outdoor cultivation:

For Indoor Cultivation:

● CBD Girl Scout Cookies

● CBD Strawberry Kush

● CBD Critical Mass

For Outdoor Cultivation:

● Harlequin

● Hammershark

● Pennywise

Which Seed Should You Choose?

Well, it’s not straightforward to say which seed you should choose for your cultivation. There are lots of things that need to be thought about while picking cannabis seeds.

The very first and most crucial thing is the intent or purpose of growing.

So, what’s your goal or purpose for growing cannabis?

Are you a commercial grower? Or are you a regular grower who wants a fast yield? Or are you a breeder who wants to create a bank of pollen flowers?

All these questions matter while choosing the cannabis seeds for your cultivation.

Are Regular Seeds for You?

If you’re a breeder or want to create a bank of pollen flowers, regular seeds are a good choice for you. Or, if you are obsessed with creating your own strains, then regular seeds are good to go.

With the regular seeds, you’ll have the ability to choose the plants with the characteristics you like and use them to create your own personal or tailored varieties.

Are Feminized Seeds for You?

If you desire nothing but only pitchy flowers from your grow, these seeds are the ideal selection for you.

Feminized seeds and regular seeds are opposite each other as the feminized only focus is to produce female plants, whereas regular seeds have more males than females.

Are Auto-flowering Seeds for You?

Auto-flowering seeds are good for rapid harvest if you wish to enhance the turnover or set up and remove your procedure within a small-time window.

Auto-flowering seeds are good for you if you don’t want to wait for an entire year or season to harvest.

It’s also ideal for you if you don’t have enough space for growing cannabis at home.

Auto-flowering is one of the cannabis strains that require minimum time and space for cultivation. You can also apply different growing techniques for your particular conditions or requirements. This strain is well suited for discrete growers.

Are CBD Seeds for You?

If you’re a more therapeutic or holistic type of person, then you’ll love CBD genetics.

Many patients and users experience remarkable benefits with high CBD strains. Several experienced growers see success with strains that provides THC and CBD in equivalent amount.

If your primary target is to hit the medical industry and for some herbal products, this strain is a good choice for you. Because of its cannabidiol substance, provides many health benefits.

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